Volume I is a space for a collective grieving process, for honesty, intimacy and healing through creative expression. We are interested in the way grief is synthesized and articulated, and we have featured work that brings the historically private response to grief into the public sphere. This project is the beginning of finding a way to process any and all forms of loss and trauma amidst our peers.

Volume I launched on December 14th, 2018 at Crutch Contemporary Art Centre.

Featuring Canadian artists and writers:
Benjamin de Boer, Alex Millington, Sophia Oppel, Clarice Nguyen, Ana Bernardez, Christina Mathieson, Kiyomi Coburn, Brody Weaver, Grayson James, Nanna MBS, River Woelfle, Kenley Blackwood, Jessy Kitchen, Nikki October, Emily Blatta

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We would like to thank all of our contributors and readers. Special

thanks to Grayson, Veronika, and Sophia. We would also like

to thank Joan Didion — our title came from her work The Year of

Magical Thinking.

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